Parking Wheel Stopper

Traffic Cone

BK 823 Slide Lock Helmet

BK 8232 Ratchet Helmet

BK 825 Air Vent Helmet

BK 8252 Air Vent Ratchet Helmet

Visitor Eyewear - ET30

Eyewear - ET46

Eyewear - ET81 Clear

Eyewear - ET81 Smoke

Safety Vest

High Gloss PVC Reflective Tape Trim High

Heavy Duty Raincoat

Disposable Gloves

Safety Shoes

Safety Boots


Rescue Lifting & Lowering Device

Rescue Safety Tripoo

Hand Petal

Valve Head

Foot Petal


3M 6001 Organic Vapor Cartridge

3M 6003 Organic Vapor / Acid Gas Cartridge

3M 6004 Ammonia & Methylamine Cartridge

3M 6005 Formaldehyde/Organic Vapor Cartridge

Valve Socket

V-Tank Connector

UPVC Pressure Pipes with Solvent Cement Joint

UPVC Soil, Waste & Ventilating (S.W.V) Pipes

Heavy Duty Diesel Pump

Concrete Vibrator



Sanitize Services - Office,House & Warehouse

Asteri Disinfectant Solution

filtex Disinfectant Solution

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